Muzaffar Ahmad Kutub Khana


Respected Readers – Assalam o Alaikum,

T’is indeed worthy of respect: the bond between word and pen, The soul of books and language, which gives life to a nation. (Translated from a verse by Abbas Dana)

Since many years, the above mentioned library has been working to keep Urdu alive. With the same objective, this organization is making audio books available to its members. The goal is to give listeners easy access to various books of prose and poetry, on a range of subjects. 

A major reason for this initiative is that in today’s world, many people just do not have the time to read books.

Others are unable to read Urdu. It is hoped that all these people will benefit greatly from this venture.

To avail of this facility, all that is needed is to become a member, on payment of a nominal annual fee.This contribution will also help us in our efforts to keep Urdu alive – we thank you sincerely for your cooperation.

Below are the List of the Books Available: -

Ishrat-Arif Shaikh
Jugnoo-Abbas Dana
ONAZ-Ana Dehalvi
Aafrin-Arif Shaikh
Rahat Indori-Naraz
Rahat Indori-Panchva Durvesh
Jabbaz Shejade-Vakil Najib
Mujtuba Husain Ki Behtareen Tehreenren
Mazedar Lateefe
Qissa Muqtasar -Mujtuba Husain
Qat-E-Kalam -Mujtuba Husain
Sheesh Mahal-Abbas Dana
Titli Ke Par-Abbas Dana
Shayad-Khalil Dhantejvi
Nayaab-Jauhar Kanpuri
Mausam-Abbas Dana
Khushboo-Abbas Dana
Fanoos-Abbas Dana
Ek Shaqsiyat Panch Kahaniyan - Vakeel Naejeb
Chalak Bajuke - Raunaq Jamal
Andhera Ujala - Vakeel Najeeb

Coming soon

Lafzon Ka Junoon- Shabbir Hashmi
Gam Gusar-Vakeel Najeeb
Panchbhai-Vakil Najeeb
Insaniyat Aur Darindagi-Vakil Najeeb